“Wonder Woman” Slot Machine from Bally Technologies

“Wonder Woman” Slot Machine from Bally Technologies

I am here with Mike Trask from Bally Technologies Mike out what your title here again. I am senior manager, communications, a valley at Casinoslots South Africa. Okay, for us, you are the chief slack.

I trust the chief slot machine demonstrator. The chief show you what we have new at g2e every year. Okay, this year, you have to wonder woman as wan na hear major introductions. Can you give us a little background on how this came about? I sure you know i mean wonder. Woman was a huge show in the nineteen seventies and people look back at this very finely its iconic of know.

People are very excited. They love to show their love, Wonder Woman. They love Linda Carter, who is in the game, and the show and I’ll in the car actually came to g2e. The response was phenomenal people just just love. This saw this character.

Us ok great thing to put on a slot game. Okay, let’s take a look at see. Some other bonus rounds of Plato, so kind of a classic Valley feel right. I look for those wild symbols on the reels 13 in five and right front view.

Diana’S gon na gon na turn into Wonder: Woman famous Spanish. She still looks pretty good ice are here earlier today. She does.

She does so in this % uh case this Wonder: Woman gold has a companion game. Wonder Woman, while in this case you’re gon na choose, are your free games? If you want 860 here 25, the more free games, you pick the last symbols that it replaces with of with that diana symbol to Diana replaces. So all your ace king, queen jack there and really leads to some big some big wins. I hope puts the guy and they have pictures at.

I like he is for % uh can Anne, and I forget his name in the show. I forget the show was a long time ago. It up. Also you see as the expanding wilde’s as well. I see this one is set for Nicole game is at the only the nomination % uh know it’s also available, as % uh as a any game inaez.

What’S cool about this game is is a lot of times here at g2e, I’m showing you stuff that might not be on the casino for for as long as a year. This is actually out on casino floors. Now and fact it’s right down the hall from where we’re standing in Venetian of few other places on the strip in Southern California, as well so very cool to be able to well to be selling a trade here at the show can see it’s on our proactive Cabinet hours on named up bus lot product at last year’s Chi, tui 40-inch concave screen industry’s first of its kind in da and top by %, uh eighteen-inch topper there. So and now this isn’t a wide-area progressive that that these three machine share the same jackpot is if they were set for the same denomination yesterday, they could be in the areas 128 up out that that was credits as a lotta credits. Your reward at the end you’re free games with a little thing there so 128 of every take a look at one more bonus round. Well, I can tell you: what are the coolest things about this?

Is you can, when wat over the three progressive jackpots, the top? It any but level so I know your viewers, the people read your guide, their players, I’m so we’re offering them a great value. Here I, in terms of being able to to win at the lowest level cell up okay, quiet, the the $ 50 credit. We got a nice lil expanding while there were at the the low about level on this case, 50 credits bought.

I have a feeling that we have a a shot at that five thousand dollar maggot object, but are only 50 credits, only 50 credits, silicon, the for the symbols on one in five you on the mega jackpot Mike, I find it again. You are amazing, so great value on the game, in addition to a great entertainment experience. So, to summarize Wonder, Woman features Lynda Carter, absolutely iconic show and you get free games features in there with great clips from the show, a great value for the players. Looking for a huge jackpot again, any but level shot any other three jackpots.

Okay. Thank you Mike. Absolutely, don’t forget that you can see more of our educational gaming.