Greatest Poker Hands – Jason Mercier Arrives

Greatest Poker Hands – Jason Mercier Arrives

James Hartigan: This hand goes back to 2008. It’s the final table at European Poker Tour San Remo where the 1st prize is over 1.3 million dollars. Greek player, Eric Koskas, is very much the established name. Young gun, Jason Mercier, is unknown but this hand is when he started to make his name. Matt: I can’t see him getting called unless… Eric, Eric’s making a mistake here I think, yeah. He really is, he’s calling just to try to out-play him.

So if you’ve got aces or, you know.. let’s see what happens here. James: Oh I hate that, he’s checked in the dark again. Matt: Yeah. James: Jason checks as well. What is Koskas going to do now?

Betting 220,000 into a pot of 187,000. Matt: 220,000. Did he say call? Oh well he’s picked up a middle pin, he’s picked up a middle pin straight with his pair of 5s, so he needs a 7 or a 9. James: He doesn’t actually need anything, but if he thinks he’s behind, that’s what he thinks he needs.

Matt: Exactly yeah. That’s what I am thinking in my head too. James: Koskas didn’t like that call! Matt: Okay. James: Wow!

Matt: Very good, great strong play there. If Mercier can pick this up this will be an incredible call. If he can — how much has he got to call here? 700,000 and his stack is 2 point, 2 million and 44 thousand. So he’ll still be left 1.3 million if he calls and gets it wrong. Has he got a jack in his hand?

Have you got an 8? Think it through, he’s thinking it through. Checking out his body language. He’s looking at, he’s looking at Eric out the corner of his eye.

James: From what we’ve seen, from what we’ve seen of Jason, do we think he can make this call? Matt: I’ve no idea. James: Can he get a read?

Come on Eric Koskas. Matt: I think he thinks his 2 pair are good here. I think instinctively he thinks his 2 pair are good. Remember that these guys play hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hands online. You know they have a sort of feel for when they might be ahead.

What’s he got? Got ace-king? If he’s got no pair then I’m good.

Could he have been betting a flush draw? James: His instinct is that his 2 pairs are good. He’s just got to decide whether to trust his instincts and that’s what he does!

Matt: What a great call. James: He’s made the call and Koskas will show him absolutely nothing. Matt: That is an absolutely excellent call. James: He went with his instincts, he made the call and he’s eliminated Eric Koskas. Matt: He has, it’s a brilliant-brilliant call.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a brilliant-brilliant call. James: The Frenchman is out of the tournament. Matt: There are his fans, there’s his fan club there.

That’s a great call there James, a really-really brilliant call. I mean poor Eric, he just doesn’t see how he can make this call. But it was a great-great call.

James: That might be one of Jason’s greatest hands, but is it one of yours? Vote now then pass it on to let your friends have their say.